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BASIC DESIGN : Cheap & Affordable Web Design Service

Specially targets on small business owners, home office entrepreneurs, and self-employed workers. EAS.my BASIC DESIGN offers a total website development solution with standard web design that never sacrifices on the quality of the website appearance. With less than One Thousand MYR (Ringgit Malaysia), this cheap and affordable solution helps thousands of businesses to establish their online presence easily in professional way.


Budget Level
Less than RM3000.

Target Clients
For small business owners, home office entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and tight-budget companies.

Yearly Renewal Cost
Less than RM3000.

Web Pages Set Up
Less than 10 web pages, extra charge will apply for construction of more than 10 pages.

Design Feature
Static HTML/CSS website with no animation effect.

Design Quality
Standard Design.

Design Style Options
Clean, Corporate & Modern Design.

Development Timeframe
Normally within 2 weeks you can have your complete functional website running online.

Content Update & Maintenance
You will get FREE minor content update service for text-based content like changing of company profile or few sentences of product information. Extra charge will apply for multi-pages update, major updates or amendment that affects the design structure and layout.

Domain Name Registration
We will register 1 international domain name for you. Example like XXX.com or XXX.net
Registration of MYNIC (Malaysian Exclusive) domain name will incur extra charge and subject to renew on yearly basis.
RM100 will be charged during registration and on yearly basis for XXX.com.my
RM120 will be charged during registration and on yearly basis for XXX.my

Web Hosting
Standard web hosting for your website is included, so you don't need to buy from other web hosting service company.

Email Account
You are allowed to setup up to 10 email accounts for you business.

Online Visitor Feedback Form
We will set up an online feedback form in your site, so your visitors will be able to email you directly without reveals your email address online, which always lead to serious email spamming issue.



Can I request for adding a bit animation effect on my website?
If you want to have animation effect for your website, you should opt for DELUXE DESIGN instead.

But I only have less than 6 web pages and I really want to have the animation effect on my website?
Okay, we can do it for you, but you will be charged RM200 for each GIF animation effect, or RM300 for each Javascript animation effect, or RM500 for each Flash animation effect respectively.

How much you charge for construction of more than 10 web pages?
You will be charged approximately RM80 per extra page design and set up.

You offer 10 email accounts for my website only, It's not enough for my business. Can I request for more email accounts?
YES, you can. But extra cost maybe apply depends on the number request and usage purpose.

2 week of website development timeframe is too long for me, I want to set up the website fast and urgently, will extra charge apply?
YES, extra charge will apply if you request to develop and design your website in less than 1 week.

I have bought the web hosting account somewhere else, can I just ask you to design my website and not using your web hosting service?
YES, you can. But you will not be entitled for our free minor content update service, and there is no partial refund or discount for this service.

I have bought the domain name somewhere else, is there any discount for me?
NO, there is neither partial refund nor discount for any used service/product comes along with our BASIC DESIGN solution.

Will you help me to write my company profile and my website content?
Most of the time we encourage clients to write their own company profile and content. However, certain clients may have no ideas on how to do it. For this kind of request, normally we will charge approximately RM100 per page per language.

I have some pictures and want to put it on my website, but i want you to do some touch-up to make it look nicer before publish it. Will you charge for this?
If it is a simple touch-up and less than 3 pictures, we are happily to assist you for FREE. But if there are more than 3 pictures or it takes some times or efforts for that, then we will charge accordingly.

I want to post some movies clip on my website, will you charge for this?
NO, there is no charge for add-on movies clip on your website.

My movie clip is too long and too big, I want you to help me to edit it and compress it to a smaller size, will you charge for this?
YES, you will be charged RM100 for movie of less than 30 minutes; or RM200 for movie of less than 1 hour; or RM300 for movie of less than 2 hours.

I want to play YouTube movies clip on my website, will you charge for this?
NO, there is no charge for showing YouTube movies clip on your website.

Is there any other hidden charges that not showing here?
NO, all the charges applied already shown in service description above, it is a total website solution that get your complete functional website running online. Unless you are asking for certain services that not specified in the service description or not showing here, else you will not be charged.

Can I request for refund if I'm not happy with your design?
YES, you may call for immediate stop of the project and file for refund request before getting your website online. Please refer to EA-S.net REFUND POLICY for more information.


Exceptional Quality Website Development
With Flash Animation Effect
Ideal for budget of more than RM10,000++
find out more...

High Quality Website Development
With Javascript animation effect and/or minor custom application
Ideal for budget of RM3,000 ~ RM10,000
find out more...

Standard Website Development with normal design
Ideal for budget of less than RM3,000
find out more...

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